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We're Don + Renee Worcester.

Thanks for joining us on this journey. We are incredibly grateful for you!

Through your generosity, you're allowing us to give away more free content to help marriages who can't afford counseling.

We know that all relationships require a certain level of work and energy to function at their full capacity. Healthy relationships return a higher level of satisfaction and energy as a by product of their interaction and that's what we’re all about - developing the current distracted, screen dominate generation, to do life together and real relationships.

1) The need is enormous - the evidence is overwhelming and everywhere. People are struggling to stay healthy in their personal lives and in their relationships. 

2) Everyone is concerned - everyone is concerned but no single group, individual or organization is riding to the rescue. 

3) Our resources are limited - our resources are limited, our ultimate impact is uncertain.

...And yet, as we face a multitude of hungry and hurting people, we are gripped by an unshakable conviction, that sometimes we are asked by the One we are following to start a miracle that we cannot finish.

The followers of Jesus in Mark Chapter 6 where confronted with a scenario not unlike our own. Staring at a hungry multitude with a single sack lunch between them, Jesus said to his close friends, “You give them something to eat.”

This direction made no sense to the disciples of Jesus. Pleading that they had no resource to address a need this great, they were clearly hoping Jesus had a better plan. His response suggested otherwise;

“How many loaves do you have?” he asked “Go and see.”

So we are going and we are seeing how many little loaves and little fish we may find for our lunch sack. We know that a sack lunch however big, can never feed a multitude. But we also know that Jesus is never overwhelmed by the size of the crowd or the depth of the need. Those early followers were faithful. They gave their insufficient resource to the One who is more than sufficient. Our hope and prayer is to do the same.

We have room in our lunch sack for prayers, encouragements, contacts and financial support. We are also gathering a group of friends, both new and old who would like to join our Life Together, Base Camp Community. We are dreaming and praying towards the goal of seeing people equipped and outfitted for Life Giving relationships.

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Mission Statement
We infuse marriages with life giving practices based on Christ, that lead to authentic, loving, and lasting relationships. 

Vision Statement - Our vision is nothing less than equipping people to recognize their full potential in relationships and giving low-cost access to relationship tools, assessments, and biblical counsel. We want to develop a new era of people ready to enter into authentic connection, freedom and relational engagement.

Core Values
• We ENTER the relational conversations where they are happening. We come alongside with grace and truth and join the discussion.
 • We ENCOURAGE by pointing to the possibility that there may be more and better in the relationships that are building and living.
 • We ENGAGE by inviting participation in activities and exercises designed to stir or challenge relational thinking.
 • We EQUIP people with specific individual and relational practices to integrate into their relational habits.





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